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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

realmente tired

i am toooooooooooooooo tired , it is supposed to go to the church next sunday:) that is great , i hope i have time ,, i want to go, and meet good people , i talked to my step mother today , and sent her some money , i feel good , because she is my second mother , i like her she isa great person , i hope she feels better soon .
in my work , one if my best friends was fired , i felt sad for her .I remember one morning before motrher's day i found hjer crying , she had a lot of problems at home , and her mom died 3 years ago in a mother's day , that was so sad , i just try to talk to her , i see her as a little sister , i hope she is doing good , i would like to find her again , and tell her that , she is important for me , and i would love to be her best friend , and whenever she feels alone , and sad , just remember her that i am her friend , and whenever she is sad , i am sad and when she is happy , i feel good ,, i have another friend ,, i met in a chat ,, asheville girl but that girl i like as a friend and as a woman , she is a nice person , but i have not been talking to her for almost a week , she was busy i guess , and so did i , i like her and i wish saw her again , what else ,, noting new in my life.
I think is so important say to your friend , how important she or he is for you ,, nobody told me that , but i always say that to my good friends .

what else , new people at work ,,i have been making more friends there , i have fun there , i do not ahve problems with nobody ,there , and i hope not to have ,,i like to have friends , but still shy sometimes,, hasta la vista diario pendejo


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