La vida es una sola,,,ayer fue ayer ,hoy es hoy

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Busy weekend , here but i like it .Nothing new on my life just i got a little nice tv , but i lost 100 dollars , i just hope the person who found it ,, really needed it . I can get 100 again the most important is be healthy , and thankfully i am , just the fucking poison ivys .

there were some people that i used to talk before by messenger on yahoo , and i did not talk to them almost 5 months , and i did not go to see them because it was too far from here ,, NOW...they are married , good for them , but i hope they still talk to me as a friend .Anyways too busy to be with somebody now and hard to find somebody good here .
Friends are gone and i like to live here IN the US but not in waynesville , i hate country people. I planning to move soon ,Where ??? i would love to live in Florida not in a big city and not in a little one near the beach,, someday..i want to have fun , but not timeeeeeee maybe on the winter time


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