La vida es una sola,,,ayer fue ayer ,hoy es hoy

Saturday, April 30, 2005

i do not know, is the first time i do that:)

well is the first time i do that ,, but sounds interesting.. what could i say, i guess firstable , introduce by myself to whoever read it someday,, (my english is not too good, but here i go)my name is francisco Antonio, i am from Lima Peru,, one year older than you ,, but in my late 20's, i am living now in waynesville , NC , it is a nice place safer ,but with some crazy people like everywhere, i have been living here for 2 years , one of my dreams was come here to this country , and i got it ,, i am lucky most of the time , i get all what i want.
I am aware that God has been blessing me a lot in my life , even sometimes i feel sad here ,, i consider by myself happy i like to drink sometimes some beers with my friends ,i do not drink frequently because next day i feel sick , but i do when the body needs some beers and when is a nice sunny sunday in the afternoon, i do not like drougs , i tried 1 0r 2 or 3 or i guess10 times when i was younger ,, but i just realized that was not good for me ,, so Drougs are not for me ,, but i respect everybody , if somebody do it, is his life ,, but i guess my healthy drougs are Work , women(i like women a lot ,when i do not have Gf , but if i have a gf she is the only woman i like)and be happy .
well i like to be here in the US. There are opportunnities for everybody who is looking for it,i have a lot of ideas in my mind , but not decition ,, is not good ,, but i know someday i will break the ice, is just on me.
Well, is nice to write this , i never thought to do that , but i like it ,, i can express myself here.Oh i am so excited i can not belive i am doing that :) just kidding , but i like it.
I am writing to much , but is good in order you know me.
I have a lot friends here , but really Good friends is hard to find one , my best one went to mexico last Thursday ,, he wa a really good friend of mine , a little Crazy but good person , now i have some but sometimes i like to be here at home , everybody needs a moment of lonely,, actually is a nice morning today , there was an storm , raining since last night , i hate raining days ,, but today i feel happy , writing this , and listening acd that my friend gave me,i feel like i do not have problems :) , problems are part of the life a life with out problems is not a life ,, is depends each one , how to solve it ,, just taking it easy,, well is 11:33 i am still at home i was going to work but noooooo, i will work later someday soon ,is good take a break.
i am reading here what save a draft m3ans and what publish post means??/?? well i would choose publish post ,,here we go life