La vida es una sola,,,ayer fue ayer ,hoy es hoy

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

realmente tired

i am toooooooooooooooo tired , it is supposed to go to the church next sunday:) that is great , i hope i have time ,, i want to go, and meet good people , i talked to my step mother today , and sent her some money , i feel good , because she is my second mother , i like her she isa great person , i hope she feels better soon .
in my work , one if my best friends was fired , i felt sad for her .I remember one morning before motrher's day i found hjer crying , she had a lot of problems at home , and her mom died 3 years ago in a mother's day , that was so sad , i just try to talk to her , i see her as a little sister , i hope she is doing good , i would like to find her again , and tell her that , she is important for me , and i would love to be her best friend , and whenever she feels alone , and sad , just remember her that i am her friend , and whenever she is sad , i am sad and when she is happy , i feel good ,, i have another friend ,, i met in a chat ,, asheville girl but that girl i like as a friend and as a woman , she is a nice person , but i have not been talking to her for almost a week , she was busy i guess , and so did i , i like her and i wish saw her again , what else ,, noting new in my life.
I think is so important say to your friend , how important she or he is for you ,, nobody told me that , but i always say that to my good friends .

what else , new people at work ,,i have been making more friends there , i have fun there , i do not ahve problems with nobody ,there , and i hope not to have ,,i like to have friends , but still shy sometimes,, hasta la vista diario pendejo

Monday, May 30, 2005


it was a hard long weekend 58hours friday ,sat , sunday and today it was good, but i still think about do not do the same always in my life , but everything is ok , i feel happy because i am healthy ..the most important ,,, anyways i need a long day to try to fix my apartment. everything is going to be good , i am happy ,, and thanks God for everything, YOU are going to be the first and the best in my life

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Busy weekend , here but i like it .Nothing new on my life just i got a little nice tv , but i lost 100 dollars , i just hope the person who found it ,, really needed it . I can get 100 again the most important is be healthy , and thankfully i am , just the fucking poison ivys .

there were some people that i used to talk before by messenger on yahoo , and i did not talk to them almost 5 months , and i did not go to see them because it was too far from here ,, NOW...they are married , good for them , but i hope they still talk to me as a friend .Anyways too busy to be with somebody now and hard to find somebody good here .
Friends are gone and i like to live here IN the US but not in waynesville , i hate country people. I planning to move soon ,Where ??? i would love to live in Florida not in a big city and not in a little one near the beach,, someday..i want to have fun , but not timeeeeeee maybe on the winter time

Thursday, May 19, 2005

i do not know,,

weather is crazy here , was raining for 10 minutes , today was a nice day like eveyday , just sometimes i do not understand some people , moody people make me sad , because i think maybe he or she is mad at me , but everybody have problems (have or has?).
My sister wants to come here for 6 months , but i do not know yet , take care of somebody isa responsability she is just 16 ,she is my best friend and one of the reasons of my life. If she comes good .
i have been dreaming that i am in Peru, i wold like to come back someday and be with my friends , and family , now i can not and the most importantand the most important my foodddddddddd comida is the best foos over the world {Peruvian Food .
Desde que vivo aca solo ,, todo es diferente aveces es triste , aveces es divertido , solo espero algun dia ser Feliz , no se exactamente que es lo que necesito en mi vida , aveces pienso que la vida es una sola , hoy dia nunca se volvera a repetir ,,y el dia de hoy,,mañana sera parte del pasado.
Solo trato de estar alegre cada dia , ylo mas importante hacer feliz a los demas en todo lo que puedo.
Estaba pensando acerca de cosas que pasan en la vida , cuando uno veo las noticias la mayoria de las noticias son malas noticias, y sacando mi conclusion pienso si cada uno de nosotros practiariamos el Respeto a los demas el mundo seria diferente,
Si se respetara lo ajeno, no habria ladrones , si se respetaria la mujer de otro no habria infidelidades , si se respetara los sentimientos de losdemas no hubiera motivo porque llorar o sentirse triste. pero que se puede hacer , solo algun dia si Dios me bendice y tengo una familia e hijos eso sera lo primero que les enseñare a RESPETAR y a ser agradecidos a Dios y a los demas,, no es que me considere el mas bueno del barrio , solo es meditacion porque yo soyyyyyyyy bien pendenciero:) pero todo lo malo tiene su lado bueno , Gracias Dios por todo lo que me das , y bendiceme cada dia

Monday, May 02, 2005

bueno , esta pagina esta buena para decir lo que quiero decir , sin que nadie me diga que no lo haga

, Estoy muy molesto con esta comp. de mier... es peor que una mujer , cuando le entra las de jo...r se pone peor que un burro terco ,, bueno calmare mi ira porque a las finales , me hago daño yo mismo ,, hoy dia fue un dia muy bonito aca,, todo me fue bien como cada dia , gracias Dios ,, y mañana sera mejor .
hay una viejita en mi trabajo que parece que esta que le pica,, ja ja ja pero no pasa nada ,, esta mayor que mi propia madre ,, no no no, no pasa nada .Que mas podria decir , mi jefe se fue a las vegas por una semana , tendre una semana muy relajada , pero de todos modos seguire trabajando normal .
Estoy conversando con una chica bonita de lima , que se llama carolina esta casada pero yop se4 que en el fondo ella me ama:),, y me va a esperar hasta cuando regrese a lima ,, bueno eso es todo por hoy , estoy con mucho sueño ,,

Saturday, April 30, 2005

i do not know, is the first time i do that:)

well is the first time i do that ,, but sounds interesting.. what could i say, i guess firstable , introduce by myself to whoever read it someday,, (my english is not too good, but here i go)my name is francisco Antonio, i am from Lima Peru,, one year older than you ,, but in my late 20's, i am living now in waynesville , NC , it is a nice place safer ,but with some crazy people like everywhere, i have been living here for 2 years , one of my dreams was come here to this country , and i got it ,, i am lucky most of the time , i get all what i want.
I am aware that God has been blessing me a lot in my life , even sometimes i feel sad here ,, i consider by myself happy i like to drink sometimes some beers with my friends ,i do not drink frequently because next day i feel sick , but i do when the body needs some beers and when is a nice sunny sunday in the afternoon, i do not like drougs , i tried 1 0r 2 or 3 or i guess10 times when i was younger ,, but i just realized that was not good for me ,, so Drougs are not for me ,, but i respect everybody , if somebody do it, is his life ,, but i guess my healthy drougs are Work , women(i like women a lot ,when i do not have Gf , but if i have a gf she is the only woman i like)and be happy .
well i like to be here in the US. There are opportunnities for everybody who is looking for it,i have a lot of ideas in my mind , but not decition ,, is not good ,, but i know someday i will break the ice, is just on me.
Well, is nice to write this , i never thought to do that , but i like it ,, i can express myself here.Oh i am so excited i can not belive i am doing that :) just kidding , but i like it.
I am writing to much , but is good in order you know me.
I have a lot friends here , but really Good friends is hard to find one , my best one went to mexico last Thursday ,, he wa a really good friend of mine , a little Crazy but good person , now i have some but sometimes i like to be here at home , everybody needs a moment of lonely,, actually is a nice morning today , there was an storm , raining since last night , i hate raining days ,, but today i feel happy , writing this , and listening acd that my friend gave me,i feel like i do not have problems :) , problems are part of the life a life with out problems is not a life ,, is depends each one , how to solve it ,, just taking it easy,, well is 11:33 i am still at home i was going to work but noooooo, i will work later someday soon ,is good take a break.
i am reading here what save a draft m3ans and what publish post means??/?? well i would choose publish post ,,here we go life